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DaliaX new microbiological pesticide product

  • Based on research with the Ben-Gurion University and Volcani Institute as part of the Nitzan program, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority

  • A new bacterium (BACILLUS MARGALITUS) was discovered and was found effective against a wide range of pests in agriculture and more effective than current industry standards


Cotton, Tomato, Corn, Lawns

Citrus, Avocado

Almond, Palm, Pomegranate

Cotton, Tobacco, Peas


Terebinth and Oaks


Corn, Cotton

Cotton, Soy


Spodoptera littoralis

Thaumatotibia leucotreta

Apomyelois ceratoniae

Helliothis virescens

Plutella xylostella

Thaumetopoea wilkinson

Thaumetopoea solitaria

Spodoptera Frugiperda

Spodoptera eridania


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