Fermentation Services

BioDalia offers industrial fermentation services  of small, medium and large scale production, scale-up services from lab to 25,000 Liter  fermenter and  full bio-process research and development. We also offer development service of downstream processes such as separation, purification, drying and formulation as well as various packing solutions.

With its dedicated experienced staff and its fully equipped facility we serve our clients in a diverse range of activities.

BioDalia collaborates with large, middle size and startups companies as well as academic research centers and is ISO 9001/2015 certified.

We offer:

Contract manufacturing of fermentation products

Knowhow and extensive experience  in industrial fermentation

R&D services

Bioprocess scale-up development from lab or pilot to  industrial scale fermentation

Special expertise in Bacillus fermentations

Variety of bio fermenters: 20L, 150L & 25,000L

Large scale continuous centrifugation and sieving equipment

Microbiology laboratory services