The characteristic of this freeze-dried starter culture are:
  High vitality and activity in structured wines
  Very good alcohol tolerance (15% by vol.)
   Good fermentation speed
√   Fruity and equilibrated flavor production
   Easy preparation/application
D-16 is a freeze-dried culture of Oenococcus oeni. The high purity of fermentation process assures a concentration of more than 400 billion CFU per gram. The form is a cream-colored powder. Test conditions in red structured Sangiovese wine with 15% vol. show rapid and regular acidity reduction.
D-16 is packaged in doses that suit wine volumes of 2.5 Hl, 10HL, 25 Hl, 100HL and 250 Hl. The importance of a starter culture derived from the need to induce rapid malolactic fermentation and avoid spontaneous bacterial growth.

Malolactic Bacteria D-16


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