​√   Mosquito larvae such as Anopheles, Culiseta Aedes, Culex
   Blackfly larvae (Simuliidae)
  Fungus gnat (Diptera sciaridae)
  Nuisance flies (Psychoda spp, Chironomus spp) Midges (Chironomidae)
It is a biological larvicide against:
LossQuito (Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis (serotype H-14) was first isolated from mosquito breeding ponds in the Negev desert of Israel (Goldberg and Margalit 1977) and this is the source of the name – Israelensis.

LossQuito AS

LossQuito is a liquid concentrate of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp.
Israelensis (serotype H-14) 1,200 ITU/mg.
  Highly effective bio-larvicide
   Safe use for operators, no risks to the environment from spills
  Quick efficacy: between 1-24 hours
  Environmentally friendly: LossQuito is a totally green microbiological product
  No resistance - Complex mode of action prevents development of resistance
  Not harmful to non-target organisms

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