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Research & Development

BioDalia considers R&D as one of its main pillars

Our R&D approach is oriented toward cost-effective industrial-scale manufacturing from the early stages of development. 

The R&D lab is fully equipped with all the needed technologies, supporting customers' and research partners' needs, such as:

  • 4 lab scale fermentors

  • Protein assessment systems

  • Cooled centrifuge

  • Various lab-scale downstream equipment

  • Access to all industrial-scale equipment

  • All supporting consumables


BioDalia believes in collaborations with academic and research institutions, we currently collaborate with the leading Israeli institutes, such as:

  • Hebrew university, faculty of agriculture

  • Volcani Insitute

  • The Israeli institute of technology (Technion)

  • Be'er Sheva university

  • Tel Aviv university


BioDalia is proud to be part of the Israeli cultured meat consortium, led by the Israeli Innovation Authority


Other research projects funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority are:

  1. Development of fermentation processes to produce growth factors for the cultured meat industry

  2. Development of an innovative microbiological bio-pesticide product for pest control in agriculture DaliaX

  3. Development of novel bio-stimulants for bacterial Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria AzoPan

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